What to do while you wait?

Ideally, you’ll have something else to do besides wait for us to fix your car (we’ll typically want your car for the day). You know, go for lunch with a friend, head into work, go home for a nap, or whatever happy things there are to do in your life. However, sometimes all you can do is wait in the neighbourhood. So, with that in mind, here’s some ideas:

  • during the summer, grab one of our cruiser bikes and ride over to Bowness Park on our super awesome bike lanes and enjoy time at the lagoon.
  • ride one of our cruiser bikes over to our favourite cafe – Cadence Coffee and enjoy some of the finest coffee and cafe food in the city.
  • call your friend and tell them to meet you at Salt & Pepper for a margarita on the patio or head to Leopold’s Tavern for a bucket of bacon.
  • explore the unique and interesting shops of downtown Bowness. Visit the Library and read a book.
  • in the winter, bring your skis or skates, grab a complimentary bus ticket and head up to COP for a few turns or hit the lagoon at Bowness Park for a skate.
  • Ask us for a complimentary bus ticket and hop on the #1 Bus to downtown at stop #7479 in front of the shop.