I just bought a new car…

So you just bought a new car from the dealership… Congratulations! You might be wondering if we can service your new car here at Bowest Motors. Well, yes we can! Dealerships will often lead you to believe that they are the only ones that can maintain your new car. However, that is not the case (see the Automotive Industry Association of Canada notice to consumers).

At Bowest Motors, we take pride in offering you professional certified Automotive Service Technicians and Apprentices backed by top quality equipment to maintain your new pride and joy. We have access to original factory parts for your vehicle and will only use parts recommended by the manufacturer for servicing while your vehicle is under warranty.

So when do I have to use a dealership? You will have to take your new car to the dealership when you have an Owner’s Recall Notice or a legitimate warranty claim. If something is broken and it’s covered by warranty, the Manufacturer’s dealership is the only one who can replace it for free.

Visit us today! We’d love to meet your new ride.