Appointments, drop-offs, and other logistics

We work by appointment. Your appointment is scheduled for ALL DAY, starting when we open the doors until we close up the shop. Some work requires multiple days, and some work does not require the entire day. For planning purposes, you should expect to leave your vehicle here with us until we call you or it’s time to close up. If the vehicle is not dropped off before 10am, it may not be looked at that same day.

  • The appointment is for all day; plan to drop the car in the morning 8-10am and leave it until closing
  • Call to check the status on your vehicle by 2pm
  • We tend to book approximately 3-5 days in advance
  • Lead times vary by season. Summertime is busy, January / February tends to be slower.

Yes, you can drop your vehicle off before we open. To drop off your vehicle before 8am, park your vehicle in an empty stall on our lot or on 40th Ave beside the shop. Remove all your valuables and lock up your vehicle. There is a sign-in / keybox on the front bay door wall. There should be forms and pencils available (we restock them each night, but sometimes they get stolen). Write your information on the form — most important is to sign the form authorizing us to do an initial inspection of your vehicle and the best phone number to contact you at. Fill out the rest of the form and deposit it with your key into the lockbox. When the office opens, we will call to confirm that we have received your vehicle and make sure we understand what you want us to do with it! We can be very busy in the mornings, so if you have not received a call about your vehicle, be sure to check in around 9:30am or 10am to see what’s up.